Tea Infusion - Cleanse and Refresh

Tea Infusion - Cleanse and Refresh


An Organic, Mineral-rich infusion to enjoy throughout the day. 

Full of antioxidants  this whole loose herbs blend nourishes, cleanse and refresh the whole body system. 


Made in the UK

Glass container (completly sustainable and recycable) 

500 ml


Wilder Botanic is a small family business with backgrounds in herbology and naturopathy. Their infusions are made using only the finest ingredients. 



  • Ingredients

    Organic Red Clover blossom : restoring & balancing.
    Red Clover is a great detoxifier especially to the lungs and skin , but this beautiful blossom also cleanses the emotional self helping to restore balance and harmony.

    Organic Nettle leaf : Nourishing & strengthening
    Nettle leaf is another wonderful detoxifier and tonic herb rich in vitamins and minerals supporting the bodies eliminative organs improving resilience and strength.

    Organic Dandelion leaf : Cleansing & eliminating
    Dandelion leaf is rich in potassium and a balancer to the digestive system working to purify the body helping to strengthen, restore and balance.