Mini Dry Vase

Mini Dry Vase


Graceful mini wooden vase - perfect for a few stems of dried grass or just admire on their own. 

Their design is inspired by vintage ceramic ink pots.

Individually turned from offcuts of woods used around Selwyn House's workshop.

Each vase is unique in shape and wood type, but all have the same 2 cm hole so they look stunning together. 

Their mini size highlights the intricate details of the grain, with some showcasing fantastic spalting!


Each vase is different but on average are 7 cm tall and 5 cm wide. 

Finished in several coats of mineral oil for a subtle sheen.

Dry use only.


Enjoy the surprise of receiving one selected randomly. If you want to choose, reach out and let us know what is your favorite. You can also add a note at checkout for color or shape preference. 


Handmade in Derbyshire in the UK, by Selwyn House