Tea Infusion - Calm & Support

Tea Infusion - Calm & Support


An Organic, fragrant blend with hints of lavender. 

This whole loose herbs blend calms and relaxes the body and mind.


Made in the UK

Glass container (completly sustainable and recycable) 

500 ml


Wilder Botanic is a small family business with backgrounds in herbology and naturopathy. Their infusions are made using only the finest ingredients. 



  • Ingredients

    Organic Oat flowering tops : protecting & restoring
    Oat flowering tops are highly nutritious to the nervous system helping to support the body from the inside out especially when exhausted , helping to restore balance within us all.

    Organic Chamomile : Calming & supporting
    Chamomile was believed by the ancient Egyptians to restore the wholeness back to oneself
    This fragrant flower soothes a fraught stressed out nervous system and irrational irritability often a byproduct of stress.

    Organic Lemon Balm : Relaxing & uplifting
    Lemon Balm is a wonderful restorative herb that gives a sense of peace , clarity and harmony strengthening our vital energy.

    And a little organic Lavender : Uplifting & soothing
    A little Lavender adds the sweet uplifting taste and scent of Summer helping to ease anxiety and any feelings of fatigue.