Back to school pencils ceramic

Back at it!


A considered gift to say thanks, something for the kids to give when he wakes up, a surprise hidden under his pillow, a night away to create memories. 


Discover a selection of the most liked items for him: 

Espresso mugs, natural skincare products, unique and cool Eau de Monsieur as well as practical, useful little things to remind him you know him best. 


Facilitate going back to work, make your home extra cozy and find fun things to get you and the kids in the mood to go back to school.

Buy a new cuddle friend for your little one, an everyday 100% Merino wool scarf for yourself, mugs (for coffee time but also lovely as pen holder!), and stock up on beeswax candles. 

Cheers to bright new beginnings !


This year more than ever!

Discover a selection of thoughtful gifts including the favorite crumpled porcelain mugs made in France, handcrafted, unique wooden vases

and organic bath salts. 

Hi Supermom, treat yourself to a little something to bring you joy everyday.