Bonjour and Welcome to Le Burrow

The Little Things in Life

Le Burrow is about celebrating a slower way of living, making your home a cosy burrow and surrounding yourself with things that spark joy.

Inspired by Nature and the habitat of small animals, their warm refuge where they are safe and seek togetherness. Exactly what an ideal home feels like!

As a mom of three wonderful boys, two fantastic dogs, and four talkative hens, I learnt that it is the little, simple things that make a day a joyful one. I care about craftsmanship, authenticity, origin and the impact of what I buy in my everyday life, so the same applies to Le Burrow.

I have been digging and searching for the right things, quality products of beautiful design to use over and over.

I hope you will find something to bring home, for you and your family to create memories with. Things that you will love looking at or using - whether it is for everyday use or for special celebrations!

Happy Burrowing!

Our Values

INTENT:  We learnt from our children that asking the question "why" often leads to surprising answers. Why we do things matters; so we strive to act consciously and intentionally, from choosing suppliers to wrapping an order and delivering it to you. 

TOGETHER: We learnt that home is the people with whom you share your space, your time, your life. We value our family and friends, and how much power being with each other can provide. Most products of Le Burrow's selection are to encourage creating memories together. 


TIMELESS: We learnt that beautiful design of quality and crafted to last is great for us and our planet. Quality over quantity and timeless over trends. We value the beauty of authenticity, it matures gracefully.